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A pair of pretty hands is women’s one of the greatest assets. Pretty handsenhance your personality. In this article you will find how to get beautiful hands and legs that make guys go crazy and girls envy you. These parts of our body are also visible & if we allow them to look lifeless and neglected then it affects our appearance.

There’s no use in painting your nails and rubbing in lotion if your hands and nails are dirty. So, wash your hands with well handwash. Wash your hands in warm water, not cold. Use a clean, preferably fluffy, towel. We don’t want our hands and legs to look dry & scaly. So moisturize them well with a good moisturizer.So,avoid harsh chemicals and sun. Hopefully you are using non-tox cleaning products, but use gloves when you clean if you need to. Use sunscreen too, if you can’t avoid the sun. Search for something to massage your hands with. Almost anything will do: massaging lotion, olive oil, yogurt, warm milk, even lemon juice. Use thesame nourishing oil you use on your face. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Thoroughly clean the undersides of your nails before clipping the nails make sure that there isn’t any dirt left.Remember, always wash your hands before eating, after going to the toilet and after cleaning or touching animals like cats or dogs. And don’t forget to moisturize afterward.

Massaging your legs is the best and easiest home remedy.This again is very important but unfortunately many of us don’t follow this. To get rid of dry, itchy and flaky skin, it is necessary to moisturize your legs daily. Unwanted hair on your legs spoils your whole look .You need to get a wax regularly to have a perfect and clean legs.There are various methods of hair removal. Choose the one which you feel comfortable and easy to work with.At home, You can also take a small bottle, add to it 1/3 of a cup of glycerin and 2/3 of a cup of rosewater, mix them well. Store in a cool place and massage into your hands regularly.Avocado oil is an excellent home remedy for giving your skin an instant nourishment making it softer and tender.Before taking bath, takeBesan(gram flour) with a little milk or curd and a pinch of haldi into a paste. Apply the paste on the hands. After 20 minutes, dampen with water and rub the paste gently on the skin and wash it off while bathing. You will not need to apply soap, as this cleanses very well.Various products are available for leg makeup. They cover the bruises and flaws on your legs. These are not recommended for daily use. You can use them only on special occasions. Don’t go to bed before washing your hands & feet. Whole day you can’t get much time for take care of them so it is important washing and moisturizing your hands and feet before sleeping.

Also, drink lots of water. This will also hydrate your skin and keep it glowing. If you have to work in prolonged standings, try to wear closed ends shoes and select soft and easy wearing shoes. Maintenance is what many women neglect. Maintain the skin of your hands & feet by following the above mentioned steps.

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